Amsterdam artist Chris Berens commissioned for Kami Garcia novel series


Amsterdam based artist Chris Berens (38) is commissioned for the unique, international novel series, ‘Legion Series’, by New York Times bestseller author Kami Garcia

Amsterdam based artist Chris Berens (38) is commissioned for the unique, international novel series, ‘Legion Series’, by New York Times bestseller author Kami Garcia. On October 2nd the book launch, held by publishing house Little, Brown, takes place at B2OA gallery in New York. The book as well as the original artwork will be presented on this one night only event. Berensen will attend the festive reception.


Hollywood production

Kami Garcia –author of Beautiful Creatures, which was released as a Hollywood production last year, starring Emma Thompson and Jeremy Irons- is working on a new series, the Legion Series.

The author is a fan of Dutch artist Chris Berens and in Book I of the Legion Series, Unbreakable, released September 2013, she incorporated an existing Chris Berens painting called Lady Day. The painting serves as the protagonist’s favourite painting. She has it hanging on her bedroom wall and identifies herself with the girl in the painting. The title of the novel refers to the unbreakable dome the girl in the painting is under. As a result of Kami using one of Berens’ works in her own, the two became close friends in real life.

Says Chris Berens: “”I was incredibly honoured when one of my paintings appeared in a bestselling novel as the protagonist’s favourite painting. Extraordinary how something out of my made up, dreamt world on canvas gets sucked into another fictional world. And the fact that Kami gave me a role in her novel is sheer magic.”

Amsterdam Illuminati

The second book from the Legion Series, Unmarked, will be launched this October 2nd in NYC. This time Kami Garcia gave Chris Berens a much bigger part in the book. She describes a long lost Chris Berens painting, playing an important role in the story. Not only did Chris make this painting especially for this occasion, the author fascinatingly gave Berens a part in the story. He appears as the head of the Illuminati’s ‘Order of the White Bear’ in Amsterdam.

Berens: “The polar bear is a returning character in my work, it is my totem animal accompanying me on my path ever since my childhood. The fact that I am described as the head of the Order of the White Bear in a wonderful fantasy world is as sensational as it is moving. The circle is complete.”



This article is part of The Legion: Unmarked

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