Andy Tan – Chris Berens portrait

Filmer/photographer Andy Tan made a short video in which Chris Berens explains what inspires him: “I believe in fairy tales. I believe in magic.”

AVRO’s Close Up: Chris Berens, Master of his Magical Universe

Chris Berens is widely considered as one of the most promising young Dutch artists. This documentary follows him during his preparations for his first show in Japan. It shows he gets his inspiration from his inner world.

Krabbé zoekt van Gogh – aflevering 5: Briljante Gek

Actor/painter Jeroen Krabbé traces the path of Vincent van Gogh and visits the institution in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence where van Gogh was admitted after a psychological crisis. During this period of confusion, disappointment and loneliness, van Gogh made a self-portrait that is now the source of inspiration for a self-portrait made by guest artist Chris Berens.

New film clip with Chris Berens’ studio

Laura’s Crossing by Chris Berens

‘Laura's Crossing’ is a zoetrope of 25 paintings to accompany the Chris Berens painting ‘Pale Moon over Black Lake’, for the LA show ‘Fire Walk With Me’, in celebration of Twin Peaks' 20th anniversary.

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