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Interview with Chris Berens for the Suntup edition of Hex. Leading up to the release of Suntup's edition of Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, I got to sit down and talk magic and visual power with Dutch artist Chris Berens. He's every bit as fantastic as his art.

‘mr. Horror’ Jan Doense talks with Thomas Olde Heuvelt and Chris Berens

Promotional video for the 10 year anniversary of Hex

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of international bestseller Hex with a limited edtition with 7 artworks by Chris Berens.

Kami Garcia talks Chris Berens

Kami Garcia talks about Chris' art in her the Legion: UNBREAKABLE

Art talk with Kami Garcia

Kami Garcia talks about the role and importance of art in her book series the Legion: UNMARKED

Acknowledgements in Kami Garcia’s ‘the Legion: Unmarked’

Chris Berens appears as a character in Kami Garcia’s ‘the Legion: Unmarked’

DELUX designs new Chris Berens book : Mapping Infinity

Where the artist's journey begins. Mapping an infinitely expanding universe.

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