Chris Berens appears as a character in Kami Garcia’s ‘the Legion: Unmarked’



I turned around and caught a glimpse of another canvas. But I recognized this one. “That can’t be what I think it is….”
Dimitri walked over to the surrealistic painting of an enormous polar bear hanging over the bow of a ship as it sailed over a building. “Of course. I forgot your mother was a fan of Chris Berens.”
“That’s an understatement,” I said, stepping closer to the canvas. “I know the name of every piece he’s ever painted.”
Dimitri ran his hand down the frame. “Except this one. It’s untitled, but they call it—”
“The Lost Painting. Some people don’t even believe it exists.” I could hardly believe I was standing in front of it.
“Well, those people would be wrong.” Dimitri smiled. “You know, he painted it for us.”
“The Illuminati. Chris Berens heads the Order of the White Bear in Amsterdam. He’s a curator, responsible for hiding and protecting the irreplaceable Illuminati works of art.”

This article is part of The Legion: Unmarked

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