Preluding the 10th anniversary of the international bestseller HEX by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, Suntup Editions, an American publisher of special editions of classic books, has released a luxury limited edition of this book. At the request of Olde Heuvelt (Nijmegen, 1983), Berens was contacted to make the interior illustrations and cover image for this special edition of HEX.

Both the works and this luxury limited edition were presented during the official opening of the exhibition and release of the edition on Saturday, May 13. Chris and Thomas were jointly interviewed on that occasion by Jan Doense, the director of the Film by the Sea Film Festival, whose nickname in the film world is Mr. Horror. The conversation made it clear how the writer and the painter found each other in their love for literature, art and ‘bewitched’ beauty. Watch the full interview here. 

Chris Berens: “All my life I have been fascinated by books and films about horror. The mixing of different worlds fascinates me, which you can recognize in my work. I love loveliness with a dark edge and the suggestion that there is a parallel universe full of creatures, ghosts and chimeras.

“When I read HEX I was sucked headlong into the world of Thomas”
, Berens says. “A traditional Dutch setting that is completely undermined by a fantastic, masterfully out of tune element. The story didn’t let go of me and after I expressed this to Thomas our friendship started. It is just marvellous that it has resulted in this joint project.”

Chris Berens further states:
“A while ago Dutch author Thomas Olde Heuvelt asked me to illustrate the limited edition of his novel Hex, published by Suntup Editions.
As a profound horror fan and being familiar with Thomas’ work and Hex in particular, that was an instantly accepted invitation.
The book turned out so beautifully and I loved working with Thomas and the Suntup team.
The books finally arrived and we’re celebrating with a show of both my paintings, drawings and the presentation of the book.
On May 13th, 5pm cet, Jan Doense a.k.a. Mr. Horror, will lead a conversation ( in Dutch) between Thomas and myself about art, literature, horror and our collaboration.
Should you be in the neighbourhood, we’d love for you to come and join us.”

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